The Most Durable Bitcoin Cold Wallet

Everything you need to store your Bitcoin seed securely stamped on thick metal plates.

Compatible with Trezor, Ledger, Electrum and many others.

Latest blog posts

What types of mnemonic seeds are used in Bitcoin?

There are essentially four types of mnemonic seed phrases used in Bitcoin: BIP39 Electrum Shamir Shares (SLIP39) LND (AEZEED) Why do they exist? What makes them different from each other? Can we identify them easily? In this short guide we’ll try to address these questions.  What’s the purpose of mnemonic seed phrases? The main purpose […]

Can BIP-39 passphrase be cracked ?

In a recent post about BIP-39 I described how mnemonic sentences in the context of Bitcoin work and what makes them secure. 128 or 256 bit cryptography is considered secure and unbreakable now and for the foreseeable future. It’s the basis on which Bitcoin wallet security depends on. Can the same thing be said about […]

Extreme stress test of Coldbit Steel – will it survive?

Last year (2018) Jameson Lopp performed an extreme stress testing of a few Bitcoin metal wallets (BIP-39 seed backup). At that time Coldbit Steel was in the design phase and I took the first test results into consideration when designing it. This year I’m happy to announce that both Coldbit Steel and Coldbit Passphrase survived […]

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