Introducing Coldbit Jig

To make stamping Bitcoin seeds onto steel easier we’ve designed and developed Coldbit Jig:

Coldbit Jig
Coldbit Jig

This jig has the following features:

  1. Better grip/control of the stamping bit (always in straight upright position, no wobble)
  2. Prevents the bit from flying across the room and as a consequence protects your eyes
  3. Protects your fingers
  4. Enables multiple punches in the exact same spot for deeper marks
  5. Easy control of the space between letters. The previously stamped letter is visible from the top and from bottom-right

Coldbit Jig works on flat metal plates and on Coldbit Passphrase hex rod. The passphrase rod has been challenging to stamp on due to its shape up. It’s not challenging anymore. It locks the rod in place and provides stability, control and confidence.

Coldbit Jig + Coldbit Passphrase
Coldbit Jig sitting on top of Coldbit Passphrase

We include 1x Coldbit Jig whenever you buy Coldbit Steel or Coldbit Passphrase or any of the bundles by default. If you need more than one jig (eg. to give to someone else for stamping) please order it separately.

Happy stamping!

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