Introducing Coldbit – Bitcoin metal wallet

If you own any cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin you probably know how important it is to write down your seed words on something durable that can survive a flood or a house fire.

After evaluating current cold storage seed backup solutions, I must say I wasn’t thoroughly pleased with their quality and design.

So I decided to create my own metal wallet. After months of testing I came up with a design that I’m very satisfied with and would like to share it with you.

Coldbit Steel Wallet

Coldbit Steel Wallet

It is called COLDBIT. It’s made of thick, 4mm stainless steel that can withstand extreme temperatures of up to 1200 C. This type of stainless steel is also waterproof, shockproof and doesn’t corrode. Instead of assembling individual letters (like in Cryptosteel or Billfodl) you stamp the words from the seed onto Coldbit metal plate using the most reliable and bulletproof technique known to man – a hammer and a letter stamp set. The letters will not scramble even if a heavy log from the roof of your house hits it during a house fire. The steel plates are securely bound with nickel binding posts.

I believe this wallet will survive the most catastrophic events. I know that my seed words are safer inside COLDBIT than in any other cold storage solution available on the market today.

Stay tuned & Happy Stamping

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